January 2013

Free Gender and Comics Course at Ball State

Free courses, period, through Canvas Network!

I am already addicted to taking Coursera classes. I’ve had to drop out of some fascinating ones this month due to lack of time on my own part. Now that I know there are free courses over at Canvas Network, too, I think I may be doomed. Doomed, I tell you!

This course is especially interesting to me: Gender Through Comic Books. It’s an open course through Ball State University, where I had the best sandwich of my life—no joke, it was on a debate trip, from their cafeteria and totally vegetarian. The course will combine women’s studies with comic books, and will explore stereotypes, women’s identity, and other issues found in comics. As a lifelong comic book lover who would love to share this interest with my daughter without giving her body image issues, I am eager to take the class. I’ve already signed up; if you want to join me, it’s completely free and it looks like so much fun.