November 2011

Safest Colleges in America

With news stories of hazing gone wrong, assaults on campus and increasing violence in our colleges, choosing the right college has to be about more than tuition, standings or quality these days.  Now, when you consider your options for college, it is also a good idea to keep in mind the level of safety a college can provide.  These top ten colleges have scored big in terms of safety and are ranked among the safest colleges in America.

Where Can I Find GED Scholarships for College?

Did you know that you can use GED scholarships to help fund your college education?  You don't need a high school diploma, tons of extracurricular activities, and a GPA that would make Harvard fill your mailbox with acceptance letters in order to qualify for scholarships.  Maybe in the old days, but not anymore.

These days, a number of students drop out of high school and get their GED.  The reasons vary drastically, but may include medical reasons, the need to work full-time before graduation, frequent moves, or small children that must be cared for during the day.  Regardless of the reason that you dropped out of high school, a GED can help you qualify for a number of scholarships.  

The Occupy Movement Comes to UC Berkeley

After an Occupy Cal General Assembly on November 9, students have declared an organized strike for November 15 to protest education funding cuts and university privatization in response to a tuition hike of 200 percent over the past four years.  In addition to huge tuition hikes, the privatization of California’s universities is prompting a potential increase of 81 percent in student-paid tuition.  The protest, which drew national attention, resulted in 39 arrests of both student and faculty members.

A College Education is Getting Harder to Obtain without Loans

Getting a college education has always been a high goal to reach for, but it is getting even more difficult to achieve today as the costs of tuition, housing and supplies continues to escalate.  Students in 2010 have increased their debt load by five percent from 2009, with nearly two-thirds of students taking on debt in order to get their education.

When you consider the consequences of this debt, coupled with the difficulty many students have in finding employment after graduation, the outlook for our college graduates is looking pretty bleak indeed.  Some college loan terms are as lengthy as those of buying a home.  Graduates used to have a reasonable expectation of landing a high-paying job in their desired career field right out of graduation.  These days, many graduates are forced to take jobs out of their career field just to get income to begin paying back those high college loans.