August 2011

Must-Have College Essentials that No One Needs

Corporate misconceptions of dorm living


You may have noticed every store with enough relevant stock to have a going-to-college sale tends to jump on the anticipation of soon-to-be freshmen. These companies generally have something of an elevated perception of what dorm living is like for most people. The showroom photographs where they display all their "essential" furnishings feature rooms that most college grads would be lucky to inhabit. In order to profit from the inflated excitement about your first big day at drinking camp, these companies tend to insist you need a lot of products that you will probably never get to use during your first year. Here's a few to skip as you and your parents embark on your quest to outfit your dorm room in colors you will almost definitely later regret.

College Graduates Enter Prostitution To Pay Loans

College students and recent graduates are prostituting themselves to pay off loans and tuition.

     A recent article by the Huffington Post, and a topic that was broached with Arianna Huffington yesterday evening on Piers Morgan, highlights the growing desperation with which college students are attempting to pay off the astronomical costs of higher education. One particular website,, has become the main instrument by which college students and recent graduates in the New York area find wealthy men and women that will pay well for sex or "companionship". The trend is growing, and adding further shame and disappointment to a generation of young 20-somethings being referred to as the "Lost Generation".