March 2011

Having An X Degree Does Not Make You An X

I love those bumper stickers and t-shirts that say “I am more than a paycheck!” or “I am more than my credit score!” Because, as much as the media and government and big business all wish we were (and perhaps that is all we are to them), we are much more than these things. The sum that makes up a human being goes far beyond numbers, colors, and anything that could be written in a report.

And I also think that most of us believe this, or want to believe it. So why is it that when a person seeks out a degree these days (something that’s both gaining and losing its value, depending on where you go, what you do, and how much you spend on it), he or she thinks that’s where he or she is going to have to stay forever?

Organizing my “Time”

My time management has been improving a lot recently. Throughout my whole entire life, I have always tried to teach myself to organize my “time management” very well. I must admit…I am a bit “disorganize” and “messy,” but not so much. Ever since I started school full time a couple weeks ago, I’ve been an extremely busy woman. Not only am I juggling so many things at once each day, but have learned how to organize my “time management” very well too. Ever since, I’ve been very proud of myself. I know that sometimes being a very busy individual and all…it can be very difficult to manage your time to hopefully coordinate smoothly with your everyday schedule. Right?