September 2010

A Healthy College Pantry

When it comes to eating in the dorms, most people visualize ramen noodles, old pizza boxes, and other forms of takeout. While it’s true that many high school graduates lack the culinary skills their parents may have employed—simply due to the convenience of the times, or perhaps having two parents working and not learning the skills their parents might have—that doesn’t mean that dorm life has to be filled with junk food and sickness.

Freshman Year: A Four-Quarter Guide

New student orientation is a strange ritual. Schools have to have it or they end up looking careless. At best, orientation for incoming freshmen keeps the new arrivals from wandering 

around campus aimlessly. What it doesn't do is prepare new students for the shift in lifestyle they're about to experience. There's a learning curve to the unique social microcosm of college. Here's a quick guide for what you ought to learn and accomplish in the first four quarters of your campus experience.