December 2009

10 College Resolutions

10. Keep the Bills in Check

Running up your phone bill—whether on your cell or in the dorm—is one of the easiest things to do in college; so is blowing off classes you’ve paid good money for. Watch your spending in 2010 and stay frugal. You’ll thank yourself down the road!

9. Buy Used Whenever Possible

Skip anything unnecessary, and for anything you absolutely must have, see if you can get it used or free first. I could kick myself for the dumb stuff I charged on my student account.

8. Put Your Studies First…Or Close to First

There’s no question that family comes first, but rushing, clubbing, and drinking should all not be a close second (or even fifth). These things are fun, and can be a part of an enjoyable social life—but you’re paying hard earned money for this degree, so remember that when it’s time to study.

Dorm Decorating for the Holidays

Yes, you’ve got finals. Depending on whether or not you’re staying at school, you might even have a little packing to do—and definitely some laundry after all of that cramming. But you can still find a little time to make your dorm festive for the holidays if you really want to.

Tiny Christmas trees are perfect for dorms. Have you seen the new ones they’re making that stray from the normal green and white? They now come in pink, blue, black, red, and other colors, so you’re likely to find one that you love and that works with your current décor.