October 2009

National Scholarship Month Checklist

It’s that time of year again—a time of whining about essays, entrance exams, scholarship applications and other items of an academic nature. Of course, it’s pretty silly to whine about so many things that are strictly for your own benefit—particularly the ones that don’t cost anything!—but that hasn’t stopped prospective college students yet.

With November being National Scholarship Month, it’s a good time to start applying if you haven’t already. Scholarship money is free money, and shouldn’t be overlooked no matter what. Even if you think you’re getting money from a tutoring program, a test score, or from another source, apply for every scholarship you can to ensure that college is as affordable—possibly even as free—as it can be.

Use this National Scholarship Month Checklist to help save yourself as much money as you can on your education.

Campus Flu Kit

Swine Flu (H1N1) has now been declared an official emergency by President Obama. If you're

living on your own, whether it's in off-campus housing or a dorm room, you need to prepare to take care of yourself. One of the first things to do is create a flu kit now, because if you have flu, you're not going to feel like doing anything, not even picking up the basics you'll need to take care of yourself. With any sort of flu, you pretty much have to take care of the symptoms and do what you can to help your body fight off the virus. You need to be prepared for dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea and sweating, for feeling too weak to prepare food, and you need to prevent high fever from damaging your brain. A prolonged high fever ( around 105 degrees Farenheit, or 40.5 degrees Celcius) is dangerous.

Trick or Treat: Expose Fake Clinics on Campus This Halloween

It’s funny how men don’t have fake health centers. Why is it that they don’t have people telling them how being treated for prostate cancer can increase their risk of infertility, or that by having a tumor removed, they might develop breast cancer? Really, fair is far, and if women are going to be told that they’re entering a full-service clinic when the real agenda is to give them misinformation and dissuade them from medical services, by all means, shouldn’t men have the same thing?