February 2009

Ruckus and Cdgix Out of the Campus Online Music Biz

Way back in 2003, the RIAA began suing students at college campuses over illegal downloading of MP3 files using services and applications like Limewire and BitTorrent. Thousands of students were sued; a fair number paid punitive fees, other cases are still pending. Recently the RIAA changed tactics, but they are still filing lawsuits— now they are aggressively pursuing compliance by contacting ISPs. Campuses tried to comply with the law by restricting access to some networks and applications, or by shaping the network traffic, prohibiting mp3 files, and using a combination of technology and education.

Today is the Anniversary of the St. Scholstica Riots

On this day, February 10, in 1355, Oxford University erupted in a violent riot that lasted three days, and ended with the deaths of 93 people, most of them students. The riot began when two students in a group drinking at the Swindlestock Tavern (now a branch of Abbey National Bank) in Carfax ordered wine. According to Anthony Wood, author of a 1674 history of Oxford University:
John de Croydon the vintner brought them some, but they disliking it. and he avouching it to be good, several snappish words passed between them. At length the vintner giving them stubborn and saucy language, they threw the wine and vessel at his head.
Croyden apparently appealed to the Mayor, John de Bereford, who caused the town bell at the church of St. Marton's to be rung, thus summoning the townsfolk into an impromptu militia. They, armed with a variety of implements, assailed Oxford, and attacking the students.