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Evergreen Beauty College

I love this school. It is called the Evergreen Beauty College. If you have not heard of this school yet, you should definitely check this accredited college out if you are interested in the field of cosmetology, esthetics, or even instructor training. I will start my first day of class bright and early tomorrow morning at the Evergreen Beauty College. Before it became the Evergreen Beauty College, it was once called Bellevue Beauty School.

Visiting the school for the very first time along with meeting the admissions director for a full tour of the entire school was well….worth my time. I live on the beautiful Eastside of WA State, and have always been very interested in a cosmetology program in the Northwest. I have looked and weighed out different types of options and potential, candidate schools that not only does it have to work for me, but I had to be very happy with my choice and selection in a good school as well. I did some research before making an appointment to meet with my admissions director towards setting up a time for paperwork and interview process before classes started. Boy….I was so excited and “pumped.”

Bellevue Beauty College was once owned by Linda Imhoff, along with her salon business partner Charlotte McBane. In 2008, Linda was deciding to retire after many years in the hair and beauty industry and searched long and wide to see who would be able to take over and manage her school. Both Linda and Charlotte knew of Evergreen Beauty and Barber College in Everett, WA. So they decided to have Bellevue Beauty School switched over to the amazing crew from the Evergreen Beauty and Barber College team. And I will tell you this…visiting the school for the very first time along with a tour of Evergreen Beauty College was absolutely beautiful! I had an amazing experience of my lifetime with my admissions director, Emma, who had answered all my questions and concerns in regards to the school.

Honestly, if you are very interested in a possible career field of cosmetology, esthetics, or instructor training, Evergreen Beauty College is the right school for you. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. I had a very good experience with my admissions director and met with the financial aid advisor along with a few of the wonderful staff members as well. Evergreen Beauty College totally blew my mind away and I was very HAPPY with my choice in selecting this school for my cosmetology program. I am so please and HAPPY that I did because a year from now….I will become a “Hair Stylist!”

So….what are you waiting for? For more information on Evergreen Beauty College, please click here.