What’s Wrong with Community College?

What’s Wrong with Community College?

"Is it like comparing brand name to generic?"

I had big plans of going big time in a university.  I had it all figured out - I was going to go to the nation's top veterinary medicine school and spend my life taking care of animals.  Somehow, along the way, this vision faded a bit and I found myself sitting down at the local community college for my basic classes.

Years later, I never did get that degree or head to university, and I find myself wondering, did I really miss anything?  Sure, there is much I missed out on socially by not attending university, but do you really learn any less at community college?  Is the quality of education that different?

I sure like the price tag a whole lot better, and as I look forward to the possibility of my own brood of children attending college, affordability comes to mind as one of the priorities.  So would I really be doing them a disservice by putting them through community college for the basics?

I don't know how you compare the two.  Is it like comparing brand name to generic?  I never really understood the difference there, either.  Take clothes, for example.  No matter what the label says, they will all cover my body, provide warmth and for the most part, fashion as well.  So why do I have to feel obligated to spend ten times the amount of "common" clothes to get a fancy tag?

I guess I'm asking all of you who are or have attended university.  What's the big deal about going to community college?