Free Gender and Comics Course at Ball State

Free Gender and Comics Course at Ball State

Free courses, period, through Canvas Network!

I am already addicted to taking Coursera classes. I’ve had to drop out of some fascinating ones this month due to lack of time on my own part. Now that I know there are free courses over at Canvas Network, too, I think I may be doomed. Doomed, I tell you!

This course is especially interesting to me: Gender Through Comic Books. It’s an open course through Ball State University, where I had the best sandwich of my life—no joke, it was on a debate trip, from their cafeteria and totally vegetarian. The course will combine women’s studies with comic books, and will explore stereotypes, women’s identity, and other issues found in comics. As a lifelong comic book lover who would love to share this interest with my daughter without giving her body image issues, I am eager to take the class. I’ve already signed up; if you want to join me, it’s completely free and it looks like so much fun.

These open courses are popping up everywhere, and while you don’t have to take them to learn about any subject—there are thousands of self-paced courses on the web, too—they do give you the full online class experience where you can discuss things with classmates, submit questions to be answered, test yourself over material, and sometimes even earn certificates to prove you took a course. I did that just last month in a 10-week Greek and Roman Mythology class that I absolutely loved.

There are so many opportunities to further your education today than ever before, without paying a cent more than your monthly Internet bill. Find something you love and learn about it!